Time to up your game in LightRoom?  This video series is designed to help you do exactly that.  We'll take you through the process from Import - Process - Export and so much more.

With more than 6 hours of step by step video tutorials, you'll learn how to take full advantage of LightRoom.

Of course it includes all the newest masking techniques in LightRoom. 

Greg Basco and Keith Bauer have worked hard to produce this exciting e-book to help nature photographers just like you improve their knowledge and post processing skills in LightRoom.

Price:  $69.95

Thanks for taking a look!

25 videos all organized to enhance your learning

(click to see a larger image so you can see all the chapter headings)


Just how do you intersect a subject selection with another masking option?  We have you covered.


All the details on using the Import Dialog Box and how to speed up the process for you to cull your images down to the best ones from the day!


You captured that perfect panorama.  Here's the best way to put it together!

Night Processing

Night Image Processing - How to get the most from those amazing images you captured at night

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