Updated with new features for LightRoom Classic CC!

Are you interested in learning some great techniques to process your images using LightRoom?  Do you learn best by watching video tutorials to supplement your reading?

Then this  e-Book and video series is for you.  LightRoom for the Nature Photographer  contains a PDF e-book for your reading pleasure and over 4  hours of step by step video tutorials on  processing your images using LightRoom's Develop Module.

Gregory Basco and Keith Bauer have worked hard to produce this exciting e-book to help nature photographers just like you improve their knowledge and post processing skills in LightRoom.

Click Here or on the Book cover picture on the right  to purchase this e-Book and video series

Price:  $49.99

Thanks for taking a look!

A list of chapter topics addressed in LightRoom for the Nature Photographer:

- Importing Images

- Library Module Overview

- Develop Module Overview

- Exporting Images

- Tonal Range Adjustments

- White Balance Adjustments and Creative uses

- Balancing Sky and Foreground

- Cloning and Healing

- De-emphasizing Distractions

- Creative Light and Detail

- Noise Reduction

- Sharpening

- Processing Night Images

- Panoramic Image Processing

- Using Embedded and Sidecar preview to speed up your workflow

- Using Range Masks (luminance and color) 

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